“BLEND COFFEE Lab.” is a trick-taking card game about pairing roasted coffee beans to make delicious coffee blends. Each player is a worker in the coffee lab, tirelessly working day and night researching coffee blending. Pursue a unique, harmonious flavor, keeping current trends in mind.

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    Blend and bring out the best balance.

    Blending coffee is the art of drawing out the best qualities of multiple coffee flavors by blending. To make a great blend one is required to carefully balance the 4 components of a bean’s flavor: “Acidity”, “Aroma”, “Body”, and “Sweetness”.  That’s why, even more important than its brand or its origin, the roast level of each bean must exist in harmony.  Pursue a unique, harmonious flavor, keeping current trends in mind, set out to create a new, harmonious flavor that could never be made from a singe origin.

    Overview of the Game

    Create cups of coffee. A cup is made by collecting 4 Bean Cards, 1 in each of the 4 colors, from the same Roast Group.  Each cup can only contain Bean Cards with the same Roast Level.
    Earn Skill Points by matching Roast Levels, and try to make the highest quality coffee blends you can.  At the end of 3 rounds, only the best score from each Roast Level is converted into score.  The player with the most points wins. Each round a Roast Bonus group is determined. Completing a cup of that group earns bonus points.

    Control the Trends

    BLEND COFFEE Lab.” is a game about balancing the 4 components of flavor, to complete superb coffee blends in each of the Roast Groups.
    The ever-changing, current trend controls the strength of the cards in your hand. The key to victory is predicting and manipulating the coming trends.

    Release 2017/12/2 // Saashi & Saashi // SAS-004


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