BUS & STOP is a card game where you compete as bus drivers trying to bring your passengers to their desired destinations, while avoiding overcrowding. Simple rules where you can either "Pick up" (collect cards) or "Drop off" (score points) each turn, and interactive tactics join to make a light, enjoyable experience.

GET ON BOARD:Paris & Roma Japanese ver.





“Newsboys” is a 1-4 player board game about paperboys in Brooklyn, New York in the 1890's. Players take on the role of boys selling newspapers. On one hand you must expand your area to each block, while at the same time fighting for wage increases & better working conditions through strikes against the newspaper company. Can you sell lots papers while standing up for your Newsboys' rights?

Come Sail Away!


Come Sail Away! is a board game for 1 to 4 players in which you will compete to board passengers upon your luxury liner, bringing them to their favourite cabins and facilities. Players can enjoy a deliciously thoughtful and brightly illustrated game that is simple to learn yet always challenging.



Build the best bus lines in London and New York! Meet the demands of your important passengers, deftly avoid making traffic jams, and grow your bus route to make the finest bus line in town. To get the most points you’ll need to plan the ideal route through every destination point as you turn over cards, board passengers, and complete your objectives. It’s the perfect game to pick up and play with your friends and family. With a new, double-sided map, you can play in both London and New York!

Before the Guests Arrive


In "Before the Guests Arrive" you do your best to tidy up a messy house for a party. Whoever cleans up the best wins! It's built around 2 simple rules: Collect Cards & Tidy Up. Easy rules and a short play time make it so you can jump right into the fun. Try to help Tidy Up before the party as best as you can, all the while knowing that the Guests could be here at any minute.

COFFEE ROASTER dlp games edition Japanese ver.


COFFEE ROASTER is a solo board game. Get your coffee beans to the perfect roast level by resourcefully using effects on the Roast board and three kinds of Flavor tokens: Body, Acidity, and Aroma. But be careful, the process is more complex than it sounds... Roast the beans for too long and you’ll burn them—the batch will be ruined! You have to use your best judgment to finish each roast at just the right time.

Let’s Make a Bus Route: The Dice Game


“Let’s Make a Bus Route: The Dice Game” is a board game for 1-2 players. By drawing on the map board with an erasable pen, each player extends their own bus route. It ontains 2 maps, each with their own characteristics. Who can roll out the best bus route?

‘Take the A Chord’ New Edition


Each player is a jazz musician in a fierce competition of musical prowess taking place on the stage. The most important part of music is the harmony. More than have good cards or bad cards, you'll need to tune in to the surrounding harmonies, keep your eye on victory, and play it by ear.

Remember Our Trip


“Remember Our Trip” is a board game in which players will recreate a map of a city they visited together. After returning to your own country, you the players have gotten together and are trying to recall the map of either Kyoto or Singapore.

In Front of the Elevators


"In Front of the Elevators" is a card game where you compete to get more of your family members in the front of the elevator line at the department store. With just a few rules and a hand of only 2 cards a light-playing and enjoyable experience is created. Despite its light mood there are interesting developments in store as the game unfolds.

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