COFFEE ROASTER dlp games edition Japanese ver.

COFFEE ROASTER dlp games edition Japanese ver.

    COFFEE ROASTER dlp games edition Japanese ver.

    COFFEE ROASTER is a solo board game. Get your coffee beans to the perfect roast level by resourcefully using effects on the Roast board and three kinds of Flavor tokens: Body, Acidity, and Aroma. But be careful, the process is more complex than it sounds... Roast the beans for too long and you’ll burn them—the batch will be ruined! You have to use your best judgment to finish each roast at just the right time.

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    *Please note that this product is only available in Japanese. It is not currently available in other languages.


    Welcome to the Rich World of Coffee Roasting!

    Prove your roasting skills with 22 varieties of coffee. Try your hand in the single roast challenge, or play the full experience and roast three kinds of beans in a row. Do you have what it takes to become a master roaster?

    COFFEE ROASTER is a solo board game about roasting coffee beans to the perfect level. First released in 2015 by Saashi & Saashi, it quickly gained popularity as a solo game in both Europe and America. Then in the fall of 2019, dlp games published a European version, and similar new editions are available in North America from Stronghold games as well as in several other countries such as Korea.

    Game Description

    In COFFEE ROASTER, you’ll take green coffee beans and gradually roast them until they get to the perfect level, beautifully roasted and ready to add to your cup. The game mechanics use bag-building elements to build your pool of tokens—you control what bean tokens you put in the cloth bag to affect what you pull out later.

    With a plastic tray insert to keep your tokens organized as you take them in and out of the box, playing is neat and easy. Sit back with a good cup of coffee and enjoy a mindful game that blends rich elements of luck and strategy.

    Designer: Saashi
    Publisher: dlp games
    Art: Andrea Boekhoff
    Graphic Design: Martin Kleinke

    COFFEE ROASTER dlp games edition Japanese ver.
    Box Design & Japanese Logo: TANSAN
    Rulebook Design: Sai Beppu
    Other Design: Saashi & Saashi
    Japanese Translation: Takuya ONO
    Rules & Bean Sheet Editing: Saashi
    Japanese Edition Sales: Saashi & Saashi

    Release 2019/12 // Saashi & Saashi // SAS-002-2


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