Come Sail Away!

Come Sail Away!

    Come Sail Away!

    Come Sail Away! is a board game for 1 to 4 players in which you will compete to board passengers upon your luxury liner, bringing them to their favourite cabins and facilities. Players can enjoy a deliciously thoughtful and brightly illustrated game that is simple to learn yet always challenging.

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    At the beginning of the 20th century, long-distance ocean routes started to become possible for consumers. This ushered in an era of luxury cruise ships with state-of-the-art onboard facilities. On the day of departure, many passengers gather at the pier to await boarding. Players play as the cabin crew of a cruise ship company, guiding passengers to their cabins and facilities according to their needs. Are you able to board all your passengers safely and happily before your ship sets sail?


    Game Overview

    The aim of Come Sail Away is to guide passengers into your cruise ship as smoothly as possible, earning points in the process. In addition to earning points for filling each room on the ship, there are also bonus points for filling certain rooms faster than other players. Also, by guiding passengers with luggage to their cabins, you can advance on the luggage track, allowing you to place additional small cabins, gain additional passengers, and earn bonus points. As the game progresses, it is also important to think ahead and make sure you have room for passengers, otherwise you will have a crowd of disgruntled Passengers at hand!

    What's In the Box

    The box is full of components: 129 wooden passengers, 13 cardboard boards, 110 cardboard tiles and tokens, 60 cards, a plastic dock for the passengers, and a scorepad.  The weight of the box is 1.54kg.  The game and all its components are vividly illustrated by Takako Takarai.

    Simple yet satisfying

    Come Sail Away! is a game that can be enjoyed by families and gamers alike.  Although it comes in a big box game, a full game takes around 25 minutes regardless of the number of players. Most of the thinking is done simultaneously, but you still have to pay attention to the other players so they don't grab the popular facility bonuses before you do!

    How to Play

    You are in charge of their own luxury cruise liner full of different rooms.

    Each turn, choose one of your two Passenger cards and place the passenger pieces depicted on the card on the rooms on their ship. 

    The facilities and cabins in the ship all have their own different placement conditions. The passengers are placed one by one in a Mancala fashion in the ship, and you can decide the starting location. When the rooms are full, they give a bonus and end game score. 

    As the rooms get full, the room on your ship decreases, so you have to pay attention to the space left!

    You also have to pay attention to your fellow cruise liners as there are limited popularity bonuses to grab. 

    The player who can score the highest while managing their disgruntled passengers will be the winner of the game!

    Lots of replayability

    Players play the game using 5 Guest Cabins and 5 Facilities. Although Facilities 1 to 5 are a recommended first play, there are 5 advanced Facilities that you can mix and match in with the basic Facilities with different conditions and effect that will keep the game feeling different each time.

    Perfect for Solo

    Come Sail Away! also has an excellent single player mode. You can enjoy the same strategy and puzzle elements in the game with a simple automa system that you have to beat to grab the popular bonuses in time. Measure your performance and see how proficient your cabin crew are!

    International Collaboration

    Come Sail Away! is the second co-design by Japanese designer Saashi and Singaporean designer Daryl Chow following 2019's award-winning and globally acclaimed Remember Our Trip. Come Sail Away promises a sleek, thematic yet crunchy game experience from this team of veteran game designers.


    The Dice TowerCOME SAIL AWAY!



    Author : Saashi, Daryl Chow
    Illustration : Takako Takarai
    Graphic design : Saashi & Saashi
    Proofreader : HAL99
    Translation : Daryl Chow

    Released 2023/07 // SAASHI-AND INC. // SAS-010


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