“Newsboys” is a 1-4 player board game about paperboys in Brooklyn, New York in the 1890's. Players take on the role of boys selling newspapers. On one hand you must expand your area to each block, while at the same time fighting for wage increases & better working conditions through strikes against the newspaper company. Can you sell lots papers while standing up for your Newsboys' rights?

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    An Easy-Playing Flip & Roll & Write

    A game with no turns, so the action moves smoothly. Most of the time players play on their own then at the end of the round everyone checks to see who got the coveted big bonuses. While simple to play there are many types of bonuses to shoot for and you can chain actions together to make a big move.

    Course of Play

    We start each round by flipping a card from a shared deck. Each player chooses 1 icon and marks their board the number of times it appears on your 3 dice & the 3 shared symbols on the cards. You have to balance between increasing your sales area and filling up your strike gauge.

    Perfect Bonus Chain

    If you finish one block of a type perfectly you earn a bonus mark. If you plan it just right you can make a chain of these perfect bonuses. This in turn can help you get some high-point bonuses that only the first player to achieve them gets.

    Solo Play

    Newsboys can also be played as a 1-player game. Timing cards, that are only for the solo experience, create a limit on the high-point bonuses. Even in solo mode you can enjoy similar tension found in the multi-player game.


    The Dice TowerNewsboys】Review by Mike DiLisio

    Author : Saashi
    Illustration : Takako Takarai
    Graphic design : Saashi & Saashi
    Proofreader : HAL99

    Translation : Nathan Hunley
    Special thanks : Kaoru Arishima

    Released 2023/10 // SAASHI-AND INC. // SAS-011


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