BUS & STOP

    BUS & STOP is a card game where you compete as bus drivers trying to bring your passengers to their desired destinations, while avoiding overcrowding. Simple rules where you can either "Pick up" (collect cards) or "Drop off" (score points) each turn, and interactive tactics join to make a light, enjoyable experience.

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    We can squeeze in 1 more passenger, right?

    Early in the morning the bus leaves the depot. At each bus stop along the route, many passengers are eagerly awaiting the bus's arrival. It's time for you to do your route and pick them up. Each has their own destination. Can you swing by the bus stops, pick up passengers, and skillfully get them to their destinations, while keeping an eye on the capacity of your bus?

    Choose 1 action: Pick Up or Drop Off.

    In Bus & Stop players choose to either Pick Up or Drop Off. The Pick Up action takes passengers from the bus stop (shared area), and puts them in your bus (personal area).  Do the Drop Off action to use your passengers to earn a destination card.   

    The game end is triggered when the bus stop cannot be refilled because the deck has run out, or a certain number of destination cards remain.

    Pick Up Action

    You choose 1 color of passenger, and take all the passengers of that color from the bus stop, and place them in front of you. You must take all the passengers of the chosen color. Add the passengers to any spot on your bus (a 5x2 grid in front of you).

    Drop Off Action

    Earn 1 destination card by removing passengers from your bus. You need to have passengers on your bus that match the requirements of the destination card.

    Skedaddle (Other Player's Optional Action)

    When a player chooses the Drop Off action, the other players may choose to have 1 of their passengers Skedaddle. This gives a small point advantage, but it means that player has fewer passengers to transport. As the game progresses, choose wisely how many passengers, and which ones, you have Skedaddle.

    Simple Rules & Interesting Choices

    The aim is to load passengers onto your bus, and smoothly drop them off at their destination. The game end may approach sooner than you expect, but if you end the game with no passengers on your bus then you can earn a "depot bonus", so carefully choose which passengers to pick up. It is important to use your optional Skedaddle action well on your opponents' turns.

    "Bus & Stop" is an enjoyable, light card game where simple rules give you an opportunity to use interactive tactics. With its short playing time of about 15 minutes it can be enjoyed repeatedly together by adults as well as kids.

    Release Date:
    "Bus & Stop" will be available for presell at the 2024 Spring Game Market on April 27th & 28th. General sales are planned for early June. Pre-orders will begin from around the end of May on the official Saashi & Saashi homepage.

    Author : Saashi
    Illustration : Takako Takarai
    Graphic design : Saashi & Saashi
    Proofreader : Makoto Nishida
    Translation(EN) : Nathan Hunley
    Translation(CN) : Lin. Sheng Chia

    Released 2024/05 // SAASHI-AND INC. // SAS-012


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