Remember Our Trip

Remember Our Trip

    Remember Our Trip

    “Remember Our Trip” is a board game in which players will recreate a map of a city they visited together. After returning to your own country, you the players have gotten together and are trying to recall the map of either Kyoto or Singapore.

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    You will need to piece together the scenery of the map using fragments of your memories. You will earn bonus points if your memory matches that of the main board and other players. If you are able to recollect famous tourist destinations, you will help everyone have a clearer image of your journey together. When the map of our memories is formed, who can say that they’ve remembered our trip the most?

    Overview of the Game

    Remember Our Trip” is a puzzle strategy board game for 2 to 4 players. Players try to recall their shared travel journey by placing image fragments on their image boards. An image fragment represents a memory of a location that you visited while travelling together.

    The objective of the game is to be the player who best recreates the scenery and who best contributes to the creation of a shared map of their memories. Players will score points during the game by recreating as well as matching locations on a common map, recalling places such as sightseeing spots, hotels, parks, shops and restaurants.

    Players also gain bonus points from objective cards and photo cards, and losing points for image fragments that couldn’t be fit into their memories. The player with the most points will be the winner!

    Create a map of travel memories together

    Players place image tokens on their personal boards and aim to complete their own maps, but the placement of location tiles on the common map board is highly interactive.

    In addition to the location points and Memory Match Bonus that will be earned during the round, players will also score points based on various objective cards, photo memory cards, and also lose points if they are not able to fit all their image fragments.

    In particular, the Memory Match Bonus requires you to build in the same location as the other players for bonus points, something that all players need to aim for.

    Double-sided game board containing both Kyoto and Singapore maps

    This game contains the maps of both Kyoto and Singapore. These two maps contain different sightseeing attractions, as well as different geographical features, so you can play over and over again.

    Release 2019/12 // Saashi & Saashi // SAS-007


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