GET ON BOARD:NEW YORK & LONDON Japanese ver.

    Build the best bus lines in London and New York! Meet the demands of your important passengers, deftly avoid making traffic jams, and grow your bus route to make the finest bus line in town. To get the most points you’ll need to plan the ideal route through every destination point as you turn over cards, board passengers, and complete your objectives. It’s the perfect game to pick up and play with your friends and family. With a new, double-sided map, you can play in both London and New York!

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    *Get on Board: New York & London is localized and available in various countries. Click here for more details. (Link here)

    Build Your Bus Route, Pick up Passengers and Take Them to Their Destinations!

    Players place their wooden markers on the map board to add to their bus route. Picking up passengers and dropping them at their destinations along the way scores you points, but if your line overlaps another player’s line you’ll cause a traffic jam, and you might even lose points! Skillfully avoid causing traffic and give the residents the bus route of their dreams.

    Saashi's fresh, new map design is now on a double-sided, quad-fold board. Play with 4-5 players on the London side, and 2-3 players on the New York side—now you can enjoy the game with just the right map for your group!

    The International Edition of Let’s Make a Bus Route Comes Back to Japan as a Japanese Language Version!

    Originally published by Saashi & Saashi in 2018 as “Let’s Make a Bus Route,” the groundbreaking, easy-to-play roll & write utilizes both individual player sheets and a shared map board to play the game. Newly re-released by French game-publisher IELLO as, Get on Board: New York & London, their brand-new art and components breathe new life into the original rules. Play the latest Get on Board now!

    *Get on Board: New York & London (Japanese Edition), is the retranslated Japanese language edition of the European version of Saashi & Saashi’s Let’s Make a Bus Route (“バスルートをつくろう”).

    *Please note that this product is only available in Japan in Japanese. It is not currently available in other languages within Japan.

    Download Link

    If you need more player sheets for Get on Board: New York & London, Japanese Edition, you can download a printable PDF file from the link below:

    Player Sheet PDF


    Designer: Saashi
    Illustrator: Monsieur Z
    Project Manager: Xavier Taverne
    Graphic Designer: Vincent Mougenot
    Rules Editor: Xavier Taverne
    Retranslated Japanese Edition Design: TANSAN
    Translation: Takuya Ono
    Proofreader: Saashi

    Release 2022/05 // Saashi & Saashi // SAS-005-3


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