Board Game Bag(Navy Blue-Red)

Board Game Bag(Navy Blue-Red)

    Board Game Bag(Navy Blue-Red)

    The second version of our signature Saashi & Saashi Board Game Bag. With even more attention to detail, we’ve stuffed this design full of every idea and everything we wanted from a bag for board games, in our pursuit of the perfect way to carry them.

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    • ¥4,950
    • SOLD OUT

    The two-tone canvas material features a silk-screened original illustration on the front—no Saashi & Saashi item would be complete without art by our own illustrator, Takako Takarai.


    Outer dimensions measure 40cm tall x 30cm wide x 16cm deep. We’ve added to the depth from the previous design, so there’s more than enough room to fit two large board game boxes of typical depth. It also comfortably fits two square boxes.

    Bag Straps

    The straps are 4cm wide, making them very gentle on the hands. They’re also a little longer than the previous design, so the bag is easier to carry on your shoulder.

    Release 2019/3/10 // Saashi & Saashi // SAS-G-004


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