Creative Habits Vol. 1(Hisashi Hayashi ・Koota Yamada)

Creative Habits Vol. 1(Hisashi Hayashi ・Koota Yamada)

    Creative Habits Vol. 1(Hisashi Hayashi ・Koota Yamada)

    The first installment features OKAZU brand‘s Hisashi Hayashi, and Koota Yamada of imagine GAMES. Read about the mindset and routines for game creation in these extended interviews with each designer. The setup is similar to a standardized questionnaire, and the focus is on the creative habits that we can glimpse in their individual characteristics.

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    Please note that this product is only available in Japanese. It is not currently available in other languages.

    Have you ever wondered what renowned designers of analog games do to create captivating games? Questions like, how do they deal with the moments when the ideas won’t flow? How do they organize their design notes? What about play testing? How do you judge a design as finished? The more we tangle with these projects, the more of these questions arise.

    We’ve interviewed analog game designers of outstanding works in Creative Habits: How Board Game Designers Inspire Their Creativity, asking each designer the same questions to collate this interview project.

    Each creator brings their individual characteristics to the table, conflicting or concordant answers emerging. What you discover amongst their answers might lead to new tips and tricks for the creative in you.

    Question Topics Include:

    • Starting to Create
    • Idea Output
    • Time Scheduling and Life
    • Playtesting
    • Development
    • Themes
    • Art and Components
    • Final Judgements
    • After Completion, and more.

    132 pages (roughly 105,000 characters) 

    *The paperback version was a limited product that is now out of print and will not be reprinted in future. However, the online “note” edition is available for purchase (Japanese only).

    note Edition, First Installment
    Hisashi Hayashi’s Creative Habits note Page
    Koota Yamada’s Creative Habits note Page

    Release 2017/3/12 // Saashi & Saashi // SAS-B-001


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