Let’s make a Bus Route

Let’s make a Bus Route

    Let’s make a Bus Route

    “Let’s Make a Bus Route” is a 2-5 player board game where players draw bus routes on a map of Kyoto. You play the role of a bus company employee tasked with making a new bus route.

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    Connect, Pick Up, Ride Around Town

    To make an effective route you must fulfill the needs of visiting tourists, commuters, students, and elderly passengers, while balancing impacts on the city including road traffic. Can you build the bus route that delights the most riders? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to connect to a famous sight-seeing spot while building your requested route? When the busses start moving will you have built the route that delights the most riders? 

    Game Contents

    The goal of this game is to create a bus route that its passengers find charming. Take a player board & a pen and draw your bus route directly on the shared main board. Extend your route by drawing a line along the city roads. Reach an intersection with a passenger and you pick them up by making a check on your player board. By then connecting to a sight-seeing spot or a station the passengers give you victory points.

    Each player has their own individual route planning card as well as demand cards (bonus points) that everyone shares. Balancing these goals can be tricky. When your route uses the same road as other players you can cause traffic which might lead to penalty points.

    Pen drawing fun & strategy

    In “Let’s Make a Bus Route” players enjoy drawing bus routes directly on the main board with dry-erase pens. As other players extend their individual routes and approach yours, continuing on your intended path can become tricky. 

    Different types of riders (Tourists, Commuters, Students, The Elderly) all score differently. Placing checks for passengers and areas (Sight-seeing spots, Stations, Universities), before other players can earn you extra bonus points, so strategically planning your route while keeping in mind your main destinations, is very important. Having different demand cards in play, even using the same map, promises to make each game enjoyably different.

    Release 2018/5/5 // Saashi & Saashi // SAS-005


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