Small Board Games Pouch(Red)

Small Board Games Pouch(Red)

    Small Board Games Pouch(Red)

    Our signature Saashi & Saashi Small Board Games Pouch. It’s the perfect size to fit four small Saashi & Saashi games and is designed with cushioning in mind so you can use it as a bag within your bag! Soft to the touch, this pouch feels great to hold.

    • Size
    • ¥2,750
    • SOLD OUT

    Material and Cushioning

    The denim material is made from 100% cotton, and features a silk-screened original illustration on the front by Saashi & Saashi’s own illustrator, Takako Takarai.

    A thick quilt core between the outer material and the lining gives the pouch its cushioning, improving shock-absorption and protecting your games from damage.

    The same quilting is stitched into the cover, and to prevent scratches or dents there are no buttons or zips. Instead, the cover folds into the pouch to secure it. The inside stripe pattern matches the pouch's outer color scheme.

    Storage Capacity

    In total, four small box Saashi & Saashi games fit inside, with the inner divider in between them.

    Hand Sewn

    Each bag is carefully hand sewn by artisans. As these are not made in a factory, please note that there may be slight differences in stitching or color.

    Release 2017/5/14 // Saashi & Saashi // SAS-G-007


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