Take the A Chord

Take the A Chord

    Take the A Chord

    Take The “A” Chord is a jazz-themed trick-taking game. Players, as jazz musicians, demonstrate their musical skills on stage.  In this competition through jazz music performance with feelings, such as Bluesy, Lyrical, Soulful, Earthy, and Swingy, you need to do more than to simply pursue victory.  If your performance deviates from the harmony with your band, you will fail to entertain the audience.

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    Improvisation and Harmony are What Counts

    Key change” effect changes the key and rank values, resulting in weak cards becoming powerful and vice versa. Combined with the “Improvisation” effect, which extends the trick for another round, the game outcome becomes quite unpredictable.

    The player who has changed the key by “Key change” will be the leader of the next trick even if they have not managed to take the trick. The skills to read the situation and take the next lead is the key for playing the game well.

    Your score depends on the number of tricks you take, but taking more tricks does not necessarily mean a higher score. It is necessary to have a sense of balance to score points in harmony with your fellow players. The winner of the Improvisation takes all tricks in accumulated rounds and receives a bonus point in addition to the tricks.  This sudden occasion of Improvisation is where the players as jazz musicians can show their skills.

    In Take The “A” Chord, since the power of the cards handed out is variable, the players are expected to have skills to predict the changes in the flow of performance and play the cards flexibly accordingly. Enjoy the unique feel of this quite unusual trick-taking game.

    Release 2015/3/1 // Saashi & Saashi // SAS-001


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