Wind the Film!

Wind the Film!

    Wind the Film!

    “Wind the Film!” is a half-frame-camera-photography themed card game. You grab your half-size camera and head for the street! While some daylight still remains, try to capture on film some images in your own style. Choose your shot’s subject. Wind your film, and snap the shutter at the perfect moment. These details develop into your original composition. Make just the right choices, and avoid costly photographic blunders.

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    Playfulness takes shape.

    A half-frame camera is a handy, little camera that was popular in the 1960’s in Japan. It can take 2 pictures on 1 frame of film. A ton of fun can be packed onto a long roll of film. The reason this camera was beloved by so many in those days was not because you could document more things, but because it made photography so enjoyable.

    Overview of the Game

    In this game players are not allowed to freely change the order of the cards in their hand. Cards can never be reordered except when certain rules allow it. When your turn comes you take some cards into your hand from the field, then move exactly 1 card forward in your hand, then play cards in front of you. When the Sunset Card shows up the game is nearing its end. When the field can’t be refilled from the deck the game finishes. Try to capture on film various scenes before it gets too dark.

    Hand Management

    In “Wind the Film!” hand management is very important. To be a great photographer you need to wind the film in time, and snap the shutter precisely. A forward-looking strategy is essential. 

    For your enjoyment the game contains 84 uniquely illustrated Shot Cards. Summary Cards, a score pad, and English & Japanese rules are included.

    Release 2016/12/11 // Saashi & Saashi // SAS-003


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